Perhaps this isn't a well know fact but the all girl quartet from Palo Alto, California, the Donnas were once called the Electrocutes. During this time the girls were merely known as their Donna-less alter egos- Brett Anderson, Torrance Castellano, Maya Ford, and Allison Robertson. That's right not one member was really named Donna.

In 1994 the girls played shows around the San Francisco area under this moniker. After a show one night they were introduced to Darin Raffaelli, the owner of the local Radio X record label, he convinced the band to work with him and change their name to the Donnas. The Donnas were meant to be a side project while the girls hoped the Electrocutes would stay their main focus, boy were they wrong.

The Donnas recorded "High School Yum Yum" and "Let's Go Mano!" for Raffaelli's label. The noisy 50s rock 'n' roll teen dream sound of the singles was carried over from the Electrocutes to the Donnas" debut, released on Super*Teem in 1996. The album did very well in indie circles; as a result, the band took time off from school to tour Japan. By this time they had also recorded an Electrocutes album, Steal Yer Lunch Money, released on the Sympathy For The Record Industry. For some reason that album was not as well received as the Donnas even though it was the same exact band.

The Donnas split from the Raffaelli and his label Radio X before they released American Teenage Rock 'N' Roll Machine. Once that album was released world wide it seemed the Electrocute's days were numbered and the Donnas sent that band's name, dirtier image, and sound to the electric chair for good.

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