According to many faiths, here are several reasons why God or [ insert deity here ] might not save you:

  1. You acted against God's will, commandments, proscriptions, designs, etc
  2. You need to learn a lesson
  3. Others need to learn a lesson
  4. God has given you the opportunity to choose, and will not prevent you from experiencing the consequences, good or bad, of your choice.
  5. So you can stand as a witness for or against others. Some scriptures in various religions allude to God not saving people from murder so that the victim's blood can cry up from the ground against the murderer, and they will stand as witnesses against the murderer during judgment.
  6. God may not 'save' you from something which is actually good and right. In this case you may unknowingly be acting in accordance with God's will, commandments, proscriptions, etc, and you are mistaken in your viewpoint.

In many situations several of these may simultaneously apply. If I choose to buy stock on leverage, then lose all my money I might blame God for not saving me. However, it may be that 1 through 4 are reasons I was not saved from my choice.

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