Sci-Fi Trojan Horse

  • Around 5AM, my bladder lifted me out of the void of deep sleep into the often-trippy hypnagogic state. Once there, I began solving complex math equations in my head. I wasn't truly aware of what I was doing until I had fully woken up but I was calculating something based on Omega Point theory, the Drake Equation, Bayes' Theorem and other similarly wacky shit. It seems my subconscious likes to run complex mathematical computing tasks in my brain's idle time. SETI@Mind?

  • I am a Queen on a highly-advanced planet which is at war with another space-faring race. I am in a room with many other long-robed women and we are about to aid in the birth of a giant white tiger. The ten-foot long placenta was delivered a gift from a royal admirer. We watch as the portal breaches and a smooth white body slips out into the folds of the tapestry we have laid on the floor. It is a woman. We step back in surprise as she slowly stands to her feet. There is a thick silver collar around her neck, ornamented in the shapes of olive branches and grapes. As we stand dumb, she reaches back into the placenta and retrieves another similarly worked silver piece, shaped like a large horse shoe. She fits this over her head and it clicks into place with the other piece. There is a hum of electricity and she immediately flies straight upward with incredible speed and explodes through the ceiling. I follow quickly upon her, now having realized that she was an agent for the enemy. I burst into an immense, cavernous room, the size of an airplane hangar. It is the central power station for my city, maintained by specially trained women with psychic energy-guiding abilities. All except one has been stricken dead and the last cannot control it much longer. But this is the least of my worries. I know that the agent is already in the process of triggering a psychic explosion to destroy my city. I fly like an arrow towards the front of the cavern and burst into daylight. I fly up and up, knowing all hope is lost and gaze on my city one last time, even as the first dull explosions begin to rumble: one building, higher than a skyscraper, wider than ten pentagons, and shaped like a beautifully intricate, multi-faceted origami box. The entire exterior is colored like golden desert sand, except the roof gardens which sprout from all the highest surfaces. It is to one of these I fly for I see more agents have landed there. I fight my last battle with throwing knives, taking as many bodies with my as flames lick the skies and I and my beautiful city perish. Dream ends.