Linguistic Reasoning Is Spatial Reasoning

  • A crazy palimpsest of many dream plots superimposed on the same dream landscape... In one I am visiting my father in Southern California. In another I am a shy new transfer student to a boarding school for adolescent boys. In another, I witness a battle of X-men mutants. All three dream stories take place in and around the same building. In the boys' school I am tormented and teased in the large group shower. The X-men battle it out in the same room before busting down the wall to the outside and continuing the fight. My father and other relatives are standing around a dining room table when a small group of bees lands on my body. I feel their spiney feet moving across my skin under my shirt and I watch a pair of them attach themselves to my arm. Gently I try to maneuver them off of me but I get stung once before escaping. The whole group of my family is now leaving to drive back to Northern California, but I am taking a different route in my own car for some reason. It's night and I'm driving into the deserted hills outside the city. At some point my car is gone and I'm flying up into the sky. I know this is a dream and I concentrate my mind on that slippery knowledge so I won't lose it. I decide to fly as high as I can. The world flattens out below me, a tangle of dark underbrush and silhouette. I go higher and higher...and never come down.