The world spun, then tilted on its axis. Not again, I thought to myself, my hands grabbing onto the edge of the desk with violent force, draining the blood from my knuckles, so they turned paler than normal against the honey wood beneath my sensitive fingertips.
My aunt walked past, carrying a tumbler into the kitchen. She turned her head.
"you okay?" She asked, not knowing, she wouldn't believe me if I told her.
"I'm fine, my period's really bad this month." An acceptable lie. They'd believe it.
A huge lump traveling, moving. Pain, nausea, dizziness. Can hardly move can hardly breath. cold, shifting, chills and heat. Panting, fighting sobs.
The lump shifting itself again, and the pain grew exponentially until I nearly fainted. A Vicodin chased with some herbal tea. Good night.

Again the world tilted, but this time from shock, not pain. I sat on the edge of the couch, staring at my best friend, as she read over something on her computer screen.
"Do you remember when you were so sick in June, on your vacation?" She asks, her voice deadly serious].
"Yes." My voice is deadpan by now. I'm numb.
"You had a miscarriage." I blink, then curl up, fighting tears. I won't let her see me weak, not like this. She's seen me fall to pieces once before, and I can't afford to let her see me like that again. It'd be too much.