Today was my day to do group facilitation in my body, langauge and spirit class. I think that these facilitations are generally a very useful element, esp. in women's studies, but sometimes they can be so frustrating.

I had to lead a talk on a video we watched on Thursday called Black mothers, Black Daughters. One of the three people in my group hadn't been in class that day, nor had she gotten the video out of the library, so she didn't have much to add, and what's worse, she kept getting off topic, and since she never seems to stop for air while speaking, it was hard to break in and say, "Well, sounds like you had a super weekend, now about this video that we're supposed to talk about..." Arrg!

I have to be more forceful, she wasted so much time. But at least they all gave me good reveiws for the discussion (the professor looks at these when she's marking me on it) and I'll have something to talk about in the 'group dynamics' part of my report.