Standing behind your chair, leaning forward to show you something on the computer. My hand hovered over yours, both of us still for a minute, you dropped the mouse and sort of shoved it over to me, I was flustered and it took me a minute before I could get the arrow to point where I wanted it.

And we were walking down the street, close enough to hear each other, extra arms between solid bodies, I kept smoking to keep my hands busy with some sort of warmth. We were on the couch and I was hugging Snack'ems for something soft, you wanted to show me how to make his spine stand up and your accidental fingers tingled and I didn't move that hand for a while after you'd taken yours back.

And then you dripped something on your chin, I wanted to reach across the table and brush off the crumbs, just casually tips of fingers touch the bristles and that was all, I didn't need to kiss you yet but to feel your chin would've been nice.