<-- /me blushes furiously P.S. SNEEEEAKY --> Lovely lovely lovely. I woke up smiling and it's all because of sweet people dreams.

  • I finally meet the guy who owns the farm and have to introduce him to everyone. This is the guy that owns my farm! I say. Jason is only mildly interested. This is the guy that walked through my bedroom last week - THIS IS THE MYSTERY MAN IN A RED PLAID SHIRT! I am so excited about this I make us banana milkshakes to celebrate.

  • My computer stool functioned like a unicycle, rolling down the street easy. I steered like a pro and when I passed Eli who is over six feet tall I was high enough to see that he needed a haircut. I did not tell him, instead I kept it private like a secret hug.

  • My bedroom is a storefront on a busy cobblestoned street. Not much for privacy, but terrific light. I keep the blinds up all night, sleeping peacefully in a patch of lamplight that I pretend is the moon.

    On a perfect morning I wake up at 6:58 precisely, (even though my alarm is not set) and look up to see stifling crowds inspecting my dirty carpet, red sheets, yellow posters, myself in rumpled bed mess. I have to lower the blinds for shame.

    Through the slats I see Magic Boy and he is gesturing, We Need to Talk. I tilt my head to the doorway and open it for him, still in my faded t-shirt and shorts. Give us some Privacy I tell the crowd and splendidly they comply so I let him in all sneaky like.

  • On another morning I open the door and find my long lost friend from school standing poised to knock. She has turned into a super model and still she is friendly. I loved that spread of yours InStyle featured last month I tell her. Yes she yawns That was fun to shoot. Do you have any Perrier?