Today, according to server time, is TOday.

That may look like saying "Today is Today", but in actuality it is "TO day". TO stands for Tikun Olam, which is Hebrew for "repairing the world." It's a regional program run by my youth group, and it's all the way across the state this year...

I'll be travelling 3 hours to Syracuse to go and help people out. Wahoo! I'm really excited; we get to raise money for charity, and have a dance-a-thon (to raise more money), work in soup kitchens, and generally doing good deeds around the city. It goes all the way into monday, and it's going to be a blast.

My thoughts are, why does it only have to be me and my group of 100 or so other people who are participating in this program who do good deeds?

My challenge to you is: go out and do one random act of kindness today. It doesn't matter how big it is, or how expensive, or how time-consuming, but the fact that you helped to make the world a better place. Go out, and help someone out. Go out and set up to do some volunteer hours at the local library. Go out and donate some clothes to the Salvation Army. Go outside and pick up some trash at the local park. Drop off a few dollars (or your currency of choice) in the Ronald McDonald House box at McDonald's when you go get a bite to eat.

Whatever you do, make a positive difference in somebody else's life.

... and then come here and tell us about what you did to help the world.