A few words they put on the driver's licenses of people under the age of 21 in some states so that cops and people who serve alcohol can simply look at the date next to it (eg, Until 21 Until 7/16/2001), and quickly know whether the holder of the license has turned 21 yet or not. A few of our race's more mentally limited members, it seems, still find this a little too complex. My roommate's brother was at a Denny's shortly after he turned 21, and asked for a Corona. The waitress, in accordance with federal law, asked to see his license, but when he showed it to her, she said she couldn't serve him any alcoholic beverages. Why? Because in big red letters, the license had the words Under 21 Until. Clearly, he pointed out, she could see that the date written had already past, meaning he was 21. This was insufficient, she said; he had to go back to the DMV and get a new license that didn't say he was underage if he wanted to buy beer from their establishment.