Well, I too entered, had a look round, and left. I came, I saw , I copped out.

I then phoned heyoka on the mailing-list supplied number, described myself, and returned. The e2 table was the one with the expectant folks and the purpled haired noder.

We chatted about all things Everything, all things Everything2 and then about everything else.

We decamped to a quieter pub only after hearing an hilarious version of Hit me baby one more time by some kinda trash metal outfit. It was note perfect and word perfect, yet rather different. I even felt moved to add to the decor.

Then it was on to the next pub, the George (I think). Which was somewhat more normal.

Untill we got there.

It was here that gnarl's pilfered phone box decorations were convered to postcards.

Next stop: sushi. We were served at a little foot-high table. But that's OK, since the floor under it was resessed about 2 feet. Here I had my first taste of real (i.e. non-Sainsbury's) sushi, and any kind of ramen. It was tasty. I'm no stranger to a jalfraezi, but this stuff was hot. Not like curry, but like mustard. Good for the sinuses.

A real fun evening out.

Y'all come back now, y'hear? And bring a chilled monkey this time.

News just in! I suspect some of the "postcard" are starting to hit home, stateside! At last! Here's an IRC transcript from the 3/11/2000
<spiregrain> e2: the rich tapestry of life.
<CowboyNeal> who sent postcards to nate and bones?
<spiregrain> What knod of postcards?
<CowboyNeal> porno ones
<spiregrain> Me!
<CowboyNeal> they ended up here
<spiregrain> well, gnarl and the london gang and me.
<CowboyNeal> and like nate and bones are not here
<spiregrain> yay!
<CowboyNeal> but we will see that they get em
<CowboyNeal> hehehehe
<spiregrain> Were they advertising "services"?
<discofever> (bet on dirty dirty jessicapierce)
<CowboyNeal> yup
<CowboyNeal> where has jp been lately anyhoo
<spiregrain> thems the ones then, I guess.