I think that splitting Everything2 to distributed servers not only will reduce bandwidth consumption and payment bills' size, but also will bring a fresh stream of new valuable information. Anyone can install E2 onto his own server, thanks to edevel, but what's the point? He can't make links to original E2 content, so he need to start the work from scratch. Sometimes it's imposed by goals of these E2 installations, sometimes not. But when there will be possible for anyone to install Distributed Everything and jack in to all of the E2 content... There will be hundreds of those installations, or even more. E2 will spread like a virus. Certainly, we will need a some kind of trust management services. But I thing it's not too difficult. I'll try to explain.

There will be Everything Domains. Domain is a namespace for nodes. For example, there will be E2 Core Domain (you are here now!). It can be hosted on one or many servers, it doesn't matter. Gods will remain their powers in the bounds of single domain. It means that for distributed E2, we need to keep all servers at single control. Someone may wish to create another E2 domain. For example, there can be national domains (there are many Internet users who don't speak English or speak it poorly, like myself), thematic domains (programming languages, movies, etc.), and so on. To link a node within a current domain, it would be possible just to [wrap it in square brackets], like we do it now. For inter-domain linking, we'll need to invent something else, like [fr:Paris]. It's a link to Paris node in the French National Everything Domain, where "fr" is a domain namespace prefix. Nice idea, isn't it?

Update: Domains may be quite separated from each other, so inter-domain communication remains a problem. If we'll need the possibility to make inter-domain soft links, we won't get rid of huge traffic because of synchronization. But that's the only problem. If we won't allow soft links between domains, we won't need any communication between domains at all. It will work just like e2izer works.