OK, this was originally under "The Unpublished Works of Dr. Suess", which was a nodeshell until The Custodian snatched it away in the wee hours of the night. Probably both of us were too sleepy to realize that the reason it was a nodeshell was because "Seuss" had been spelled wrong. My response to his filling the original was as follows:

Why didn't anybody tell me this was a nodeshell? OK, repeat after me:

I will not fill this little shell
I will not snatch it back from Hell
I will not write a single thing
(Though if I do, perhaps a Ching!)
Moral: never node Seuss in the middle of the night. This rescue-after-the-rescue has been brought to you by the letter Z, and the number 6

YAWN. What clarity a good night's sleep can bring. Now for some actual material:

There, that's better.