There were also a variety of other people to find in the pictures - according to these were: Woof, Wenda, Odlaw, Wizard Whitebeard and loads of Wally-catchers.

The books eventually became an animated TV series, in which the plot revolved around Wally travelling through time to fulfil bizarre tasks set by the Wizard Whitebeard, with the aid of his magic walking stick and Woof. He was pursued, as I remember, by his nemesis, Odlaw, who in true cartoon style was amusingly defeated during the course of each episode.

The best thing about the series was that, about halfway through each episode, usually in the middle of a large and confusing battle, the action would freeze and an announcer would call out:

"wheeeeeeeeeeerrrrre's Wally?"

at which point you would have about thirty seconds to locate Wally in the picture.