There is a blanket of fog hanging low over the San Fernando Valley tonight. It reminds me of the skies in London and San Francisco that I love so much. There's been a great deal of rain here lately, but I don't mind. I imagine Los Angeles needs to wash herself of many, many sins. Perhaps the rain will help her with that.

I got my grad check in the mail today. In a mere four months, I will become a college graduate. It sure would be nice to know what I'm supposed to do next. Although I'm coming to terms with the fact that life is such a whirlwind that never seems to slow down, I'm still not very happy with it. I know we are always struggling to control our lives more...but mine feels so unstable. It has for a good three years now.

And that doesn't bother me as much as it seems to just annoy me like a paper cut would. I'm beginning to think there's no point in even having long term plans for anything at all, because too many burps in the grand scheme of things always seem to find their way to me. Sometimes they're good, sometimes they suck. In the end, I simply find myself at a place in my life that I never expected to be at.

I'm sure the fates find me hysterical.

Ah well, I'm having a decent amount of fun, I'm just constantly wondering what on earth comes next...