"The world's largest student organisation. AIESEC is a global network of 50,000 members across more than 85 countries and territories at more than 800 universities world-wide. AIESEC facilitates international exchange of thousands of students and recent graduates each year. Whether in a paid traineeship or as a volunteer for a non-profit organisation, their experiences abroad will undoubtedly affect them forever. Behind everything we do is our mission: to contribute to the development of our countries and their people with an overriding commitment to international understanding and co-operation. Over the years AIESEC has evolved into something that is spirited with endless energy. We, the young people who run this organisation have a hope for something better in the world, and this is a hope that AIESEC tempers with a practical approach."

(the above information is taken from the AIESEC.ORG web site)

I was a member of AIESEC during my university years and also honoured to be the president of the local committee AIESEC-Thessaloniki. It's a unique experience and I suggest you try it if it exists at your university.