AIESEC, pronounced 'eye'-'sek', is a global organisation which exists to change the world through facilitating exchange of graduates between the 85 or so countries it exists in.

AIESEC Australia is the branch which operates in Australia. It is currently composed of 5 Regions (AIESEC SA, AIESEC Victoria, AIESEC NSW, AIESEC QLD and AIESEC WA), each of which consists of around three Local Committees. The head office is located in Sydney.

The average Local Committee in Australia is made up of five portfolio areas. These are Incoming Exchange (ICX), Outgoing Exchange (OGX), Learning (LN), Human Resources (HR) and Finance (FN).

In ascending order of responsibility, the usual ranks in AIESEC Australia are as follows.

Financial Member
Social Member
Team Member- TM
Team Leader- TL
Local Committee President - LCP
State Manager - NCVP
National Committee Member
National Committee President - NCP

Additional regional positions exist which change from year to year but are generally ranked above TLs but below LCPs in terms of responsibility.

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