Rocky Road Ice Cream

One of the most delicious substances I have ever consumed, rocky road makes an excellent snack, dessert, or meal. Made with just the right combination of chocolate ice cream, miniature marshmallows, and chopped walnuts, everything from its taste to its texture is absolutely perfect. Best served straight from the freezer (or even better, straight from the ziploc bag in which you made it yourself), rocky road has been a staple of the ice-cream eater's diet for just about forever1.

The only real flaw with rocky road is that it doesn't work as a conventional ice cream should, and substituting it in recipes where a more normal ice cream is expected can lead to disaster. Rocky road with apple pie a la mode makes for an extremely odd combination of flavors, and a rocky road root beer float is practically the definition of failure (how're you going to get those marshmallows up that straw? Not to mention the chocolate floating in your soda...).

On the other hand, however, when combined with other chocolate-based foods, rocky road increases the awesomeness potential of a given dish tremendously. Imagine the triple threat chocolate attack of a scoop of the good stuff on a bar of expensive dark chocolate (seventy percent cocoa, no less) with chocolate syrup drizzled on top-- truly an epicurean pleasure.

1 well, 1929, but it's close enough

(The little 1929 factoid was taken from (I would like to note that there is distressingly small amount of information about rocky road on the Internet. Hopefully I have done my part in rectifying this))