Space Balls the chow! For all of you half man, half dog types out there here's some chow that'll guarantee you a howl at the moon.

Ingredients :

Preperation : First we start with cleaning the marijuana, throw away the seeds and stems and crumble what's left. Put a frying pan on a low heat and heat the marijuana without butter. Be carefull not to burn the pot, just heat it till it's crisp dry. Put the garlic, meat and pot together in a bowl and mix it up. Add a teaspoon of sambal, a substantial quench of ketjap and worchestershiresauce. Add some salt and pepper. The bread is used to make the mixture more firm. Finally roll little balls from it (about 3 cm in diameter). Fry them in butter for about twenty minutes. Serve with cooked potatoes and vegetable of choice, AND DON'T FORGET THE GRAVY!

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