It's 6:30 in the morning in Las Vegas. I frequently stay up all night in this town. Not that I didn't in other towns. It was part of the reason I moved here. I like staying up all night.

Anyway I'm ready to sleep. I've been reading some great stuff on E2...revisted a writer I randomly rediscovered.

My daylog yesterday wasn't really a daylog. Furthermore I found out you can't link things to a specific write-up. I will still bend the rules of this place to my will. I will.

In addition to more upvotes than I can really believe, I received a couple of comments, too. One told me The Curse "was excellent...why day log it?"

That question made me laugh.

Laugh because the previous days daylog was the first thing I had written on E2 in a long time. And despite it attracting as much of a positive reputation as The Curse it also attracted the attention of a God on E2 who ate a couple of my old nodes.

THAT is why my story is in a day log. But you can't know how I feel about storing stuff, because you can't access MY node heaven.

I wrote about this a long time ago...I was dumb and didn't put THAT writeup in a daylog, and it too is in node heaven for you not to read. Maybe I'll pull it out and stick it in these logs of indestruction. We'll see if I get any more comments.

And now I must sleep.