I would really love to stay and write down all of the intricate details of my day, but again, I am in a hurry. Of course, at 3:30 in the afternoon when I am dragging and the food coma has fully set in, there is nothing to do.

But now, at 7 p.m., I have to rush home to my box-filled bedroom and quickly unpack the rest of my crap so that my room looks respectable tomorrow when everyone is over for the housewarming picnic.

Yes, housewarming picnic. We decided that it's much nicer to be chatting and drinking wine and eating cheese outdoors during sunset than cramped and spilling things on one another in our tiny living room.

We figure that after dark a large majority of the attendees will leave, for fear of flying, biting critters. This will leave the perfect number of guests to wander back to our house with, sit comfortably on the couches with, and tell stories with.

Oh, it will be so nice.
I have to go clean up so they think I'm organized (which I'm not, by any means).