A pub in Dublin, loacted on the corner of Burgh quey and O'Connell Bridge. This bar used to be known as the Harp Bar and was renowned for being a violent spot. I never visited the place when it was the Harp Bar.

The section of road outside this bar is kown as The golden triangle and it is widley believed that more murders and assaults have happened in this smal area of the city than in any other. wheter this is true or not I do not know but late at night it is a crossing point for many drunken wandreings, located close to most of the night transport faclilites and late openeing fast food joints.

The Q Bar is now much revamped, very modern looking with metalic finish all over the place and cool blue strip lighting. Downstairs in the bar is a disco floor, easaly confused with a cattle market the one time I was there.