Original name of the foremost (in relative geographic terms) crested Rockhopper (also Eudyptes chrysocome) penguin at the NEA in Boston. According to rumor, after many years of being Blob, Blob now has a more serious, educational, and scientifically oriented name, but Blob is much easier to remember.

Much of the time Blob stands on a meter square faux islet just off the shores of Rockhopper Island in the back corner of the colony or tray. His main activity between thrice daily feedings of prepared fish seems to be rock collecting. Many of the 50 or so penguins have collected pebbles and small stones to build rock nests, but Blob — with his own little kingdom — seems to have the greatest obsession and the best art. I have only ever seen him go for a swim to fetch more of his precious rocks.

My understanding is that to date Blob has not found a mate. Perhaps it is because he is upstaged by the far more famous Pinacho, star of the movie Next Stop Wonderland, who stands at attention a couple of feet back and above Blob's fort.

How did he get the name Blob? Hard for me to say. It doesn't fit him any better than it would any other healthy Rockhopper. My guess is that he is part of the group of arrivals that included Sting and Psycho Killer. Immigration must have been in a funny mood...