Today is a reasonably good day. After spending the whole of yesterday on the sofa, being laid-upon my Molly the Maltese Terrier, I feel much refreshed. Gemma has been working at her office all day, so I've done the shopping for the week, supermarket and market.

Gemma's workmate, Nathan, is still being verbally abusive. I had thoughts of walking into their office and punching him in the face. Thought better of it, as it was obviously only a primitive reaction (I'm the least likely person etc etc). Instead I have designed a fiendish legal strategy to protect Gemma's interests when she inevitably leaves the firm.

A new Star Trek video to watch this pm, cool.

Off to Sydney again tomorrow for another three days of weirdness. My days at the company are numbered, and counting down.

In other news today, simonc seems to be getting his e2 mojo back...