The practice of interacting with computers with as little use of the mouse as possible. Dependent on your typing speed, and a bit difficult to learn under new programs/platforms, but there is no quicker way to compute.

Some tips to prospective keyboardists:

  • For web browsing, use Opera!
    • Q/A to cycle through links, 1/2 to cycle MDI documents, 3 to switch focus between frames, and spacebar to select a link.
    • With Opera 7, use spatial navigation. Ctrl + arrows will quickly get you to the link you want.
    • Ctrl-B for a listing of the numerous other keyboard shortcuts
    • Searching is as easy as 'F2,g foobar'. Z/X for back/forward. Add your own custom searches to bring any website's search function to your fingertips.
Other platform-specific tips:
  • Windows
    • Windows explorer (naturally launched from Win+e) is the only way to get around your local system.
    • Start (& other) menus: hit the first letter of the folder/program you want
  • Unix-like systems
  • PalmOS
    • The closest thing to keyboardism here is buttonism, or avoiding the use of the stylus as much as possible.
    • BlastPad, or its successor ScreenButton (both can be found at will let you use combinations of button presses to launch any app you like.