DirecTV is a digital satellite entertainment service provider.

There is a war between the satellite dish and the digital cable.
Here are some disadvantages that dishes have (gathered from Time Warner/DirecTV websites):

  1. A dish is yours to keep, fix, replace and upgrade ($$$)
  2. You need more than 1 receiver to watch more than 1 thing at a time ($$$)
  3. Bad weather can cause you to lose your satellite reception. Rain or high winds can block a DBS signal or push a dish out of alignment (it's called rain fade) (!!!)
  4. Pay extra for local channels (??...$$$)
  5. Not available outside USA, legally prohibited (f!@*&^)
Yeah a lot of that is claimed in Charter digital cable commercials (I myself use charter). On the flip side there are also claims that DirecTV makes:
  1. There's more choice for the basic price
  2. DirecTV can provide satellite internet access ($$$)
  3. Offers Ultimate TV, TiVo, AOLTV
  4. You can get it even if you are miles from a cable company

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