Would you like a little cheese with that whine?

Whining and complaining are something I have little time for. So instead, I'll just laugh at whatever fate, or God (Buddha, in my case) has decided for me.

It is the evening of the laptop disaster. I'm printing Chinese New Year special menus. The huge box that contains my office computer and server started beeping. The noise was a high/low beeping sound that was downright annoying. Now, of course, something must be wrong.

My hope was that some trickster had somehow managed to violate the layers of anti-virus protection and firewalls installed in the system. It wasn't that. I was forced to resort to something that I really hate to admit having to do. The cause of the sound could be discovered by shutting the whole thing down, and then pressing the DELETE key while booting to go into some sort of diagnostic mode.

The "system health" screen revealed to me that the fan which cools one of the chips had stopped turning, and even though the chip wasn't anywhere near its shut-off temperature, the alarm was there to alert me to the fact that the fan was no longer turning. That cooling should be a concern is particularly ironic in my case because the office I keep this device has no heating vent. To bring it up to even 60 degrees in this weather I must keep the door wide open. Else it occasionally gets below freezing in this room.

Ridiculously funny are the only words to describe the sight of me, with server pulled out, bending over cables and office furniture in the tiny room, in a futile attempt to get the thing to spin by removing the dust which encrusted all the fans by vacuuming them. Words cannot describe the look upon the face of the employee whom, seeing me dragging the vacuum into the office, decided to help. I can only imagine that, given my precarious position, and the fact that my back was arched and the carpet wand removed from the thing, he thought that I were committing some unspeakable act with the vacuum hose.

So tomorrow, the day before Chinese New Year's Eve (a very special event around our restaurant), I must remove the errant cooling fan, drive it 20 minutes over to the only serious electronic parts store in the area, and pray to all things Holy that they've a fan that will fit. Else I guess I'll have to super-glue the thing in. And given my penchant for wanting what I want when I want it, I'd hazard a guess I'll resort to that (unless my run of good luck is done with tomorrow, and such fans come in standard sizes).

More importantly, something in the scheme of karma is trying to keep me away from my computers. Two down; two to go (God forbid!)

To whom or what does one pray to rectify such a run of bad luck? I'm pretty sure that Buddha isn't interested whatsoever in my computer troubles (and may even be visiting these problems upon me by way of getting me to rest my eyes). So I'm going to leave this terminal now, and shut the thing down before the beeping noises push me over the edge and I get carried away from it, perhaps drooling and mumbling nonsense to myself.

But you can bet the farm that when I get that damned fan removed from the box tomorrow, when I'm done at the electronics store, I'll probably do a jig upon it that would make "Riverdance" look like a three-year-old trying to tap dance.

Today I messaged another noder about how we share good karma and don't allow the poison of hatred to invade our souls. Dislike, yes, occasionally, but no room for hatred. So I lied. Right now I'm basking in a hatred so foul that even the most profane words known to English scholars cannot describe it. And I don't know whether it's aimed at the fan, or at computers which don't work the way they should, in general; or perhaps myself, for not investing a little time in loving care (cleaning the fans). Perhaps tonight's rest will cure me of this horrible condition. I can only hope.