A small town in northern Germany. I was there for about an hour because my father and I missed our commuter train stop and had to get off at the next one to wait for another train to come by going in the opposite direction.

The train station was of the typical, small town design: a rather short platform to board from and a few half-hearted structures representing snack-bar/travel store, ticket booth, and (if I remember correctly) a small post office. All were unmanned.

We did not venture into the town really, for fear of missing a train, but what we saw of it was rather frightening. The town was clean... no trash on the ground. The shop windows shiny, as though polished dutifully on a regular basis. But there was not a soul in sight. No cars in the streets. No people walking home, to work, to lunch... anything! It was a ghost town protected by some unknown, possibly ethereal maintenance crew. We did not even hear the clichéd howl of a distant dog.

Nothing. All was quiet.