I've been seriously considering taking the next semester off. I'm burned out. Pure and simple. A husk. Ashes to ashes.

The whole 9/11 think fucked me hard, my grandmother died and school is just seeming more and more meaningless. I know (?) it's not... It just seems that way.

I'm spinning my wheels right now. I need to be doing something, not worrying constantly about classes that don't interest me.

I'd spend the semester working (I am having financial problems, so that plays a role) and getting some films made. That's the thing. I'm studying film but I'm not getting to do anything really. I need something under my belt if I intend to go to grad school. Or fuck grad school. I want to make movies. I'm not doing that. That pisses me off.

To tell the truth, once I started to consider this idea, I felt like a burden had been lifted. Felt even better when I talked it over with my father. He was all for it, and reminded me that he had advocated about a year ago the idea of some friends and I taking a semester off, and using our tuition money to make a film. My dad's cool like that.

My stress level has gone down a great deal.