Hellsing is a new anime tv-series fansubbed by Soldats/AnimeParty. It depicts a near-future England terrorized by modern vampires and their ghouls. The main characters belong to the Hellsing Institution, lead by Integra van Hellsing, an agency whose mission is to destroy all undead creatures "in the name of God".

Despite the somewhat cliché theme, Hellsing is simply breathtaking. The visual style is refined and efficient, and the musical scores and sound effects are equally fitting. The viewer is given very little background in the beginning, and pieces start falling together one by one. This is where you will get hooked.

Hellsing succesfully combines action, strong emotions and mystery. Few anime shows have touched me like Hellsing has (no chance of an objective review from me, no sir). It's quite difficult to provide any more information without spoiling the show, but if you are an anime-fan, you can't go wrong with this one. Get it. Get it now.