Today was dreary in the Boston area. Where is summer? Ugh!!!!. At least I am going south to Texas this weekend to visit my family. I'm sure it will be nice and hot there.

Work is busy. This is my mantra whenever somebody asks. I suppose it would be less so for me if I got a life...but I enjoy work, and I am slowly getting one. Whenever I rush into the "getting a life" thing, I tend to screw up even worse.

Just found out from my previous landlord that he is going to let me out of my lease a couple of months early. This is very nice because I'll save some bucks I had already forgotten. On the other hand, I now have to get those last few boxes outta there.

Heard a joke at a meeting recently, but I don't remember who it was attributed to:

I was asking myself the other day "What is the most important organ of the body?", and thought "The brain of course!". But then I asked myself, "Who is telling me this?"