Small apartment, possibly even a studio (no, not the artist kind, this is the all-in-one-room-why-am-I-living-in-the-city-with-this-outrageous-rent-anyhow kind), where single men (women have them too!!!) live. I suppose some people have the modern-day equivalents of the hi-fi systems (big-screen TV with a DVD player?), but to me, there are more essential elements to this type of dwelling that have nothing to do with picking up women:

  • paper towels, paper plates, plastic spoons, knives, forks.... minimize those dishes
  • a television set, VCR and/or DVD player... rentals are cheaper, easier entertainment
  • stocked fridge... No, not full of fresh veggies. With real food... Yes, I do mean beer. Lots of beer. this is to accompany the cheap entertainment
  • phone book, with the pizza place's number written on the cover to save time finding the number. save room in the fridge for the leftover pizza
  • microwave Pizza gets old eventually... but if you nuke it long enough it kills most living things.
  • desk, covered with bills an unfortunate element... Keep them on the desk so you'll know where they are. Having the phone and/or electricity disconnected sucks.
  • answering machine there is occasional social activity
  • two drawers devoted to white clothes... the laundry cycle is only as long as you can keep clean underwear stocked

It may not be exciting. You might be scared to let your parents or date visit. But its home.