Name referring to various video game console controllers manufactured by ASCII or its U.S. counterpart, ASCIIware.
  • ASCII Pad, Model AS-131-SP, SNES, US and Japan
    This controller had more or less the same shape as the original SNES controllers. Its primary selling point was its individual turbo settings for each button (except for Select and Start). Each button had three turbo settings: Off, Turbo and Auto. Off caused the button to behave normally, Turbo gave a 30hz signal when the button was pressed and Auto gave a 30hz signal continuously. The Start button had a two-position switch for off or slow motion via repeatedly pausing and unpausing the game (assuming the start button paused the game.) This feature did not work so well in games with start menus that could inadvertently exit the game.
  • ASCII Pad SG-6, Model SG-A260?, Sega Genesis, US and Japan
    Unlike the standard Genesis 6-button controller, this pad had four face buttons and two shoulder buttons. It had independent turbo and slow motion switches just like its SNES counterpart.
  • ASCII Pad V2, Sony catalog SLPH-00039, Model ASC-0505, PlayStation, Japan
    This controller had independent turbo switches and slow motion as well. Often referred to as Special or Specialized in the US to distinguish it from V Jr. (see below) It has a solid directional pad similar to a Sega Genesis instead of the "split-cross" design on standard Playstation controllers.
  • ASCII Pad V Pro, Sony catalog SLPH-00065, Model ASC-0508, PlayStation, Japan
    This model featured an LCD screen and allowed for the programming of combinations of button presses to hotkeys in addition to the usual turbo and slow motion capabilities. It has a solid directional pad.
  • ASCII Pad V Jr. (AgeTec ASCII Pad in U.S.), Sony Catalog SLPH-00038, PlayStation, US and Japan
    This was merely a PlayStation replacement controller manufactured by ASCII. It offers no turbo functions and has a solid directional pad.
  • ASCII Pad FT (Fighting Type), Model ASC-1301, Dreamcast, Japan
    The FT has a 6 button layout on the front of the controller for use in 6 button fighting games. It features built in vibration function and one slot for a VMU. It offers no turbo functions.
  • ASCII Pad FT2 (Fighting Type 2), Models ASC-0524C, ASC-0527V, and ASC-0526V, Playstation 1 and 2, Japan
    This "limited edition" item can be had through import channels or online auctions. It also offers a 6-button layout on the front of the controller and a solid directional pad. These were released for Capcom vs. SNK. The Capcom controller (ASC-0524C) is red and the SNK controller (ASC-0527V, ASC-0526V) is black. The models differ only in color. It offers no turbo functions.
  • ASCII Pad USB Mini, Model ASC-1610P, PC and PS2, Japan
    An incredibly small 10 button controller for the PC. Probably a standard HID-compliant game device.
  • ASCII Pad 64, Nintendo 64
    Agetec announced this product in a press release but it never saw the light of day.
Note: ASCII products are now sold in the US under the name Agetec.
Please /msg me if there are any I have missed. I have intentionally left off joysticks and other controller types.

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