Well I'm back in Boston, my trip to Atlanta being pretty much a success. I helped get our companies software installed and integrated (well, not completely, but enough where I can help remotely). The customer was gracious, taking me out for lunch each day. I might even run into one of them when they vacation in this area in the summer.

My plane was scheduled to leave at 9:40pm on Friday, but I got there early, so I tried to catch the 6:40 and then the 8:40, with no luck. But the trip home wasn't bad, there wasn't anyone in the middle seat which made for a little more room...

I get home and sure enough, the nice springish 70s and 80s was back to the yucky 50s. Oh when will true spring be here, not to mention summer??? I tried to enjoy dinner at Boson Commons outside, and although it was tolerable, I had to make sure I was in the sun. I know, I know, I should get over it.

Congratulations, Dizzy and Katyana!