My little brother and I are children playing outside in a town. There is no one around. We hear a voice. It comes from a hole in the ground. The sickly sweet, nasal voice talks to us, telling us things like "Father is dead," which we write in the sand and outline in boxes. We tease the voice, because we're kids and the voice is far away and can't hurt us.

The voice tells us it can see what we write and the box outline we draw. We know it can see us. It must not be as remote as we thought. We get scared and fill up the hole with sand, despite the pleading of the voice. We rub out the writing and continue playing. Then we run in to two other kids who tell us where we can find the voice. It is through a small door in the wall of a building ahead of us.

My brother starts running for it. I yell at him to stop and run after him. But he's too little to realise the danger or pay and heed and runs right through the door and falls down a narrow slide leading in to the bowels of the earth and the realm of the voice. I hear him scream as he falls, but I can't jump after him because I know I'll be trapped as well. I want the other kids to show me how to find the voice, but they run away. It must have been a trap.

I look around for another way in. To my right the building doors and windows are complely boarded up. It looks completely abandoned. To my left is a shabby looking door, and further on are normal looking buildings. I kick down the shabby door and find behind it are five children wearing stark, frightening white masks which show expressions of inhuman sadness. I know they must be other children abducted by the voice. They are at first startled by my abrupt entrance then the closest one throws a knife at me.

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