In Boxing, besides being the generic term for one who participates directly in the fighting, a Boxer is a fighter who practices the Sweet Science. A Boxer will rely heavily on his jab and stay to the outside (meaning at a good distance). They tend to have excellent defense and land a high percentage of their blows. Basically, a Boxer actually does everything their Coach tells them too. A good example of a "Boxer" is Pernell Whitaker.

The opposite of a Boxer is a Slugger. A good example of a slugger is Mike Tyson. They have tremendous power in their punches and keep throwing blows until the KO punch lands. In something like the Tough Man Contest everyone is either a slugger, or trying to be one.

Sluggers tend to be more "exciting" to watch by people who don't overly like boxing. A fight with a big slugger or two will probably end in a KO. Many boxers will go the distance during many of their fights and win on points. Very often big fans of Boxing like to watch boxers.

A Boxer with the power of a slugger is a terrifying thing indeed.