September 28, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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To answer a few questions that have vibrated through the nodegel from users:

Q. Is there any way to observe gods through the cloaking ability thing?
A. Yes, the edges of the nodegel blur slightly as we pass.

Q. I posted a nuke request for forty nodes by fled users. That nuke request is five days old now. Yet I see newer requests coming and going. What's up?
A. Look around. Everything comes and goes. As to why your request hasn't been filled yet, cleaning up old nodes by fled users is not as important as helping current noders who are putting in requests on their own material.

Q. When will there be an Autumnal Bones photograph? My Summertime Bones poster is looking a bit tatty.
A. First of all, that is not really dem bones, just a corporeal form outside of the nodegel that is sometimes an interface for dem bones. Bones will not have a form until the gel can be fully extended over dem bones. At this point only the right hand and a tiny bit of the wrist have been completed. Current estimates project 2006 as the completion date. In the meantime, the corporeal form (designate "Ryan") will pose for a current photograph. But only dem bones knows when that will be.

Q. Is Dai-un really 27 years old?
A. Yes.

Q. Is Lord Brawl really to be feared like the unsheathing of a beast's claws?
A. Yes.

Q. Does information want to be free?
A. Ask it.

Q. Why does the title of my node appear to be the same in Everything User Search even though a title edit was done?
A. Ummm...

Q. What is nodegel?
A. Ahhhhh....Ask a fish what water is. Better yet, ask a wave.

Q. Why do my comments repeat in Chatterbox?
Q. Why do my comments repeat in Chatterbox?
Q. Why do my comments repeat in Chatterbox?
A. You are probably not clicking on "talk" but refreshing the page to follow the conversation.

Q. Is whizkid really a whizkid?
A. Yes.

Q. Is it true that no one has control over EDB anymore and that it is stalking unseen amongst us?
A. No comment.

Now, to our regularly scheduled bizarre rambling editorial log preamble:

O dem bones, the gel swells with rows of new nodes that slide from New Writeups to join the dance of both chance and intention within the gel. The gel is still dark in many places through the weight of ungainly "getting to know you" nodes. Yet there is light pulsing through many areas of the gel. This godusergroup entity's cilia has slowed due to an upcoming shift to different locii. This will stabilize today. This entity might well shut down functioning throughout the next server day but will startup on the following server day. This shifting will occur intermittently over the subsequent server week. However the other entities are strong and well-formed. The gel will not lack for care.