UFO is also a type of instant ramen that emulates the Japanese yakisoba dish. It's quite popular in the Far East but almost unheard of elsewhere. Several companies in Japan, China, and Korea make the stuff, and you should be able to find it at your local Asian market.

The UFO comes in a plastic bowl, with a detachable lid. Inside this package, you'll usually find a brick of ramen, a packet of sauce, a packet of seasoning, and a plastic fork. Remove the fork and sauce, and pour the seasoning over the ramen. Then add boiling water, replace the lid, and let it stew for a few minutes. When the ramen is ready, you drain the water, usually through perforations on the lid, and then mix the sauce in with the fork. The result is a tasty brothless noodle dish, in stark contrast to the soupy goodness that is top ramen.

Nowadays, I eat these when I need a quick lunch. In olden times, UFO was the best food obtainable in Osaka in the early hours of the morning. You could buy it at a convenience store, get boiling water and waribashi there, and then make the stuff out by the curb and wolf it down in the city night. Many clubbing trips were made happy by a 2 AM jaunt across the street to Lawson and a bowl of UFO eaten on top of a garbage can or police car.

The Japanese UFO's only came in one flavor, yakisoba. The Chinese and Koreans, on the other hand, have made all sorts of UFO flavors: spicy, meaty, fishy, etc. Unless you read Chinese characters, you'll need to squint at the fine English print to see what you're buying. It's all synthetic anyhow, so don't worry.

generic-man has pointed me to http://www.oriole.net/~rworne/yakisoban.shtml , which details the superhero exploits of Yakisoban, star of his own movie and video game made by Nissin. Good stuff.