This is one of the many gems of Japanese TV. It literally means "Let's Go to School!" and airs every Tuesday at 7:54 PM JST on TBS.

The show is hosted by pop band V6, and every week it visits a different school in Japan, usually a junior high school or senior high school. V6 and their camera crew go all around the school, interviewing students, meeting cute couples, and generally recording a day in the life of the school. Then, they get together with some of the kids on a day off, and hit the town for more footage.

The best part, though, is the point in every episode where kids take turns getting on the roof of the school and screaming at the top of their lungs for everyone to hear. Listening to them is like reading a good thread on Slashdot: everything is either funny, indignant, or a combination of the two. I mean, if you were allowed to scream random crap on national TV when you were in school, wouldn't you make it that way, too?

Unfortunately, I know of no equivalent of this show outside Japan...