I'm absolutely sick of being without credit. Here I am, one month into a new job (worked 9 months at the last one). Not a single flipping PIECE of credit. My credit report has absolutely zero on it, yet I make a substantial income (for a 20 year old anyway), have NO bills, NO debts, yada yada.

I'm told everywhere I go that I need a cosigner first, gotta have a cosigner. That's just the thing, I don't know ANYONE who would be willing to sign with me that is even remotely credit worthy!

This feels like an endless cycle of bullshit; you can't get credit without credit, and nobody wants to give credit to someone who is young, with a (fairly) secure job, and no credit.

I don't know what to do, I've got to make some major purchases in the near future (brakes, rotors, and new wheels+tires for my car) but I've got no credit to get anywhere with it, and I can't pay cash. Not without being broke for two weeks between checks.

department store cards? Hah! why get the card if I'll never use it? I don't ever go to JC Penny or goldsmiths or whatever else is in my area (not much). Besides, I DOUBT VERY SERIOUSLY they'd give me a card either.

gasoline card? I looked at speedpass but they want to TIE it with your checking account to make deductions, and that won't help your credit because when it's tied with your credit account, they're not lending you any money!

Woe is me.