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Yeah, she likes me.

She's got the hots for me, I mean "I can't stop thinking about you" "Your voice makes me melt like candy" kinda hots. You know the funny thing? We've not seen a picture of each other! It's personality alone! how RICH! She's attracted to me for the inner me, not my possessions or my lifestyle or my looks (or lack thereof). Likewise, I'm attracted to her for her maturity, wisdom, her excellent attitude, outlook on life, and her amazing personality.

Oh boy, I don't know what I'm going to do. I've fallen for you. But, am I in love? now now, it's way too soon to tell, for her or for I. We know quite abit about each other now, and where things are to go, nobody knows.

I suggested how I need to find a song for this mood I'm always in when she calls, she suggested we should find one together.

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