Finally finished the video project that I'd been working on for the past two months. They wanted it in S-VHS, with 30 seconds of black header and trailer. God knows why they didn't want colorbars and tone. Didn't have an S-VHS tape handy; headed out to the local Radio Shack about 5 minutes away from my house. Got in the car, started some music playing -- some random song by the Ataris; I've been feeling depressed lately. Start going around a curve, doing somewhere between the speed limit and 5mph above it. The guy two cars ahead of me suddenly slows to about 5mph for no reason in particular, out of sight from me.

Suddenly the car in front of me is looming large in my windshield, brake lights glaring. I'm still going 45. I slam on the brakes. A million things go through my head--


Why couldn't we have gotten the one with ABS?


I hope there's not a baby in the car or anything...


My parents are going to be so pissed...

Suddenly I am far too close to his rear bumper, and instinctively I swerve, into the lane of oncoming traffic. Thankfully the light is red and no one is coming my way at the moment. Just as suddenly he is moving again, and continues to the intersection and turns right. I am left there, sitting in the middle of the road, tires smoking, and breathing heavily. Cold, air-conditioned air blows across my now-glistening brow.


I shiver and continue, maintaining (what must seem to other drivers) a huge amount of distance between me and other cars, taking the left turn at the light. I arrive at Radio Shack and subject myself to their price gouging (hey, they reimbursed me for the tape) and make it home safely.