Fasts. I hate fasts. Mostly because I have a fast metabolism.

"What does that matter?" you ask.
Well, it just means that I am very quick convert fuel (food) into energy (moving around, and bouncing off the walls). This also means that I'm one of those people who keep eating and never get fat. On the other hand, I end up being very susceptible to cabin fever, especially after a large meal, or eating a lot of sugar. Hell, I can go totally hyperactive after drinking just one bottle of cola! (I wonder if anyone else has this problem?)

This is not a good thing. I ended up with a habit of eating full meals and munching in between. So I have what one of my co-workers calls an urge to chew. I don't really care what I chew, as long as I'm getting some nutritional value from it. (This disqualifies any 0% yogurts, chewing gum, and anything else that give a net negative amount of energy. I almost believe it's morally wrong to eat those things ;-)

The whole point is this: I'm getting urges to chew something. Anything. And I can't, because I'm fasting. Aaaarg!

And do you want to know the best part? I've got another 20 hours to go. Damn. Well, it's only twice as long as the last fast, on July 8, 2001.

Note: this node was just meant for me to vent. Don't take it too seriously.