My mum, who's a nurse (mental health) told me about this phenomenon so it must be true. Apparently it's pretty common for patients in mental health hospitals to wake up at around 3AM and receive visions of Jesus Christ. From what I was told this is because at around 3AM the brain is in a very strange state (just starting its reboot I guess) and when woken abruptly people are prone to hallucinations. I guess in Mental Hospitals Jesus would make a good focus for the hallucination.

This 'very strange mental state' is also one of the reasons why modern armed forces will launch surprise attacks at around 3AM, for instance look at the attack times during the Gulf War. People are less alert and more prone to making mistakes at that time.

And contrary to popular belief C++ written at 3AM isn't always of the best quality, despire what Jesus tells you.

Wow, Jesus has an lot lot of nodes for a dead dude hasn't he?