And lo it came to pass that when God was looking for a programming language to code existance in he narrowed the decision down to three choices: C++, Perl or Python.

He spent an aeon or two weighing up the pros and cons of each language and finally on the 6th day reached a decision.

He cast C++ into the pit of eternal damnation because he just couldn't get his head around pointers and when his destructors would get called. And the thought of those namespace and exception thingies gave him the squits.

Upon gazing at Perl one more time it became evident that Perl was created by Lucifer! God cast Perl down to the pits of hell, where it is actually seeing a lot of use by the pit fiends and the eternally damned.

Then finally god chose Python to be his own language. And lo, it was good. It even kept those annoying linux weenies happy.

Update: Just for the record (and to rebuff the comments I've gotten) the C++ part is sarcasm. Of course God knows how to use pointers.

Update: Just skimmed through the article in the Python node about ESR coming out and declaring his love for Python. Gonna have to find another language to love and cherish now.