Aberdeen, WA is a small town of about 18,000 just 2 hours southwest of Seattle. The only thing the citizens of Aberdeen resent more than the cloud of national obscurity they lived under for the first nine decades of the 20th century is the moderately intense national limelight they found themselves in when their one of their native sons started a wildly popular ground-breaking grunge band, married Courtney Love, O.D.'ed on heroin, and promptly blew his brains out.

Other interesting tidbits about Aberdeen, WA:

  • People in Seattle (if they have heard of Aberdeen) think of it as a very rainy town on the way to the ocean. (The irony is not lost on all of them.)
  • Aberdeen was declared "off limits to all military personnel except those with family in the area," during the middle part of the last century. This was due to the town's high rates of prostitution and venereal disease.
  • A brilliant young noder called schlemazl grew up there.