Does anyone have the same problems with Hotmail that I do? I'm fed up with the poor performance, the horrible anti-spam protection (i.e. I receive 100+ spam e-mails per day) and the web-based user interface (i.e. It is a real pain to manage e-mail folders using Hotmail, compared to Outlook). Can you relate? Well, you can imagine how happy I was to have come across a great alternative e-mail service called "OddPost".

OddPost features a web-based "Outlook look&feel" user interface, nifty AI-based self-learning anti-spam protection with 99% accuracy, RSS support to subscribe to news feeds & weblogs as well as the usual calendar & address book functions. Not suprisingly, they Recently they won a couple of awards with PC Magazine and PC World.

How much does it cost, you might ask? It's USD$30 per year, but that gives you a very generous 50MB of space, as well as the ability to receive 10MB e-mail attachments.

The FAQ on their website is worth a read regardless of whether you subscribe to OddPost or not as the founders have a great sense of humor :-)

Please note that I have no relation with OddPost. They get this free AD from me because they have a kick-ass e-mail service.