John Rutter (1945-) is a 20th century composer, who stylistically belongs mainly to the romantic era (ummm, that's probably subjective). He was born in London and began his career in England, conducting at Clare College in Cambridge, then migrated to the US in the 80s, where his music is extremely popular. He is better known on this side of the pond (UK) for his arrangements of and new tunes for traditional carols and hymns - if you thought "For the Beauty of the Earth" was dull, try his version!

His original music is mainly choral and religious, and is finding a growing audience. Try the Requiem or Gloria if you want to hear some examples. The last movement of the Requiem includes a very moving solo soprano theme, and the text is similar to the last movement of Johannes Brahms' requiem.

Compare "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, for they rest from their labours"
"Selig sind die Toten die im Herrn sterben; dass sie ruhen von ihrer Arbeit"
(From memory, apologies for mistakes in either text!)