I'm Judge and I'm Jury and I'm executioner too

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's been sometime since we've last met. On June 5, 2003 Metallica have released their latest album - St. Anger. After countless ballads, a Bob Seger cover, a Marianne Faithful collaboration, a SF Symphonic Orchestra collaboration, loss of a lot of respect and bass player Jason Newsted, Metallica are back, like Phoenix from the ashes, to rock the town with a fresh large dose of thrash and speed.

The album was released five days early in order to 'combat music piracy over filesharing networks'. Fans who buy the CD receive also a DVD with the entire album, filmed and recorded live. The title of the album and the first single, St. Anger, was chosen by James Hetfield upon completion of his time in alcohol rehab, where he supposedly learned that anger can be a good thing:

"You can handle anger and use anger in a positive sense," Hetfield said. "I felt I can take anger and be assertive with it. It also helps me protect, like, if something's going wrong you can protect your family. I mean there's a lot of good uses for anger that I never saw before. This is all new to me, and if it's completely 101 for most people, that's fine, but for me this is pretty profound."

track listing

  1. frantic
  2. st. anger
  3. some kind of monster
  4. dirty window
  5. invisible kid
  6. my world
  7. shoot me again
  8. sweet amber
  9. the unnamed feeling
  10. purify
  11. all within my hands

the crew

On this album Metallica are:

St. Anger
June 5, 2003

source: http://launch.yahoo.com/read/news.asp?contentID=213668

skongshoj says: Perhaps you already know this, but a fun Metallica fact is that they essentially swapped bassists with Ozzy for St. Anger. Jason Newsted went to Ozzy's band about the same time as Mr. Trujillo left it for Metallica.

herbman says:you might want to mention that bob rock played the actual bass on the album, since rob wasn't around yet also. :)

Davidian says RE: St. Anger The basswork on the album was done by Metallica's producer since the black album, Bob Rock. Robert Trujillo did not play a note on the album.

the video

The music video for the song was filmed in the San Quentin state prison in California, where Metallica gave a live performance for the inmates. What made the greatest impression on me was the guard at the beginning of the video saying: "I would like to inform you that the state has a no-hostage policy. In the unlikely case of you being taken hostage, the state will not negotiate your exchange for another inmate." Not exactly an ideal situation.