Infectious Grooves was a band that produced some particularly hard-edged funk around the early 90s. Their slap-bass riffs inspired many a jam session with my fellow musicians after school, way back in 1998.

The members appear (from the liner notes) to be: Mike Muir, Rober Trujillo, Dean Pleasants and Adam Siegel. Tradition has it that the whole thing is a side-project by Suicidal Tendencies, and that seems to make sense - but I don't know any names so I can't confirm it.

I know of two albums: Both albums have several spoken-word tracks involving a reptilian ('infectiphibian') wannabe funkmeister named 'Sarsippius'. These are really quite funny if you're in the mood, and they're tied into the music nicely.

"Hey! Who are you? How did you get past security? This is a private session of the Infectious Grooves."
"I'm Sarsippius! I'm here to do backup vocals."
"What zoo did you exscape from?" {sic}
"What zoo did I exscape from? Do you know who I am?"
"Well listen, Silpius, nobody told us about any-"
"Saaaaaaaarsippius, ya dummy!!"

And of course, the 'Plague That Makes Your Booty Move...' album contains my favourite song title: 'You Lie! And Yo' Breath Stank!'

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